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Crimea Federal University – A Top Medical University in Russia

If you really want to study MBBS in Russia at one of the most regarded and top medical universities in Russia, you should apply to Crimea Federal University. Russia, due to excellence and domination in science and technology has become a favorite destination for medical education. Students flock from all corners of the world to Russia to achieve medical degrees at an affordable cost. However, in order to take admission, you need to apply at the right time to reserve your seat at Crimea Federal University, Russia. It is so because it is one of the highly-ranked universities in Russia and a vast number of foreign students apply for this university. Those who fail to submit their application on time face rejection and they have to wait one more year.

About Crimea Federal University

Crimea Federal University has a glorified history of a prime institution in the field of medical education. It is established in 1918. The university is named after V. I. Vernadsky. The institution for medical higher medical education is located in Simferopol, Russia. It is s government institution where a large number of highly-qualified professors, academicians, physicians, and staff that dedicatedly work to help students achieving their goal in the medical fields

The university offers a healthy ratio of well-trained and laureate faculty members geared up with all types of modern equipment and state-of-the-art technology. The team of staff comprises professors, doctors of science, associate professors, and so on.  It also has a sufficient number of non-technical staff that creates a magnificent environment of self-learning and training for the students. The university is committed to raising the standard of healthcare education.

Eligibility, Document required, and Admission process at Crimea Federal University in 2021/22

Eligibility for admission

  • The age of the applicants must be 17 years on or before 31st Dec of the year of admission to MBBS in RostSMU.
  • The applicant must have passed the higher secondary school.
  • The subjects in 12th must comprise Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English
  • The percentage must be 60% in two subjects (Bio+chem)
  • NEET is mandatory for Indian students.
  • IELTS and TOEFL not required.

Document required for admission in CFU 2021/22

  • A passport with at least 2 years of validity.
  • Certificate and mark sheet of 10th class. (Higher school)
  • Certificate and mark sheet of 12th class. (Secondary school)
  • The NEET Scorecard. (with Qualified marks)
  • Fees Guarantee letter for 6 years. from parents. 
  • Notarized birth certificate if the student is not 18 years old. 
  • 20 passport size photo – 4.5 x 3.5 cm with 80% face at the matte paper. 
  • Documents apostille from the Ministry of HRD & External Affairs, India.
  • Medical fitness certificate. 
  • Report of HIV test (Negative).
  • Documents should be translated & legalized by the Russian Embassy.

Admission Process:

The Crimea Federal University admissions process is simple and easy. Students can apply online.

Apply Online: The admission process begins in June. The admission form is available on Crimea Federal University’s official representative. You can apply online by filling in all the requisite details in the form.

Fill All Details Carefully: Fill in all your details carefully; otherwise, you will only be responsible for the cancellation.

Form Review: You may have to wait for few days, after the submission of the form as the application review process may take up to 4-5 working days.

University Admission & Invitation Letter: The eligible students will get the admission & invitation letter from the university after he/she is selected for admission to CFU.

Apply for Visa: Once receiving the invitation letter from the university, our official representative will apply for Visa and do all the documentation for you. After the Visa formality is over, students will be ready to fly to Russia.

Admission Intake and Deadline for CFU 2021/22

To taking Crimea Federal University admission in MBBS course students should really have to time their application perfectly. Do not wait for the deadline but apply as early as you can. The admission process starts by June, however, the ideal time to apply for admission is at least before September 15. The intake starts in September.

Early applicants will get the advantage of being an early bird. It means students can enhance the probability of finding their seat in the university because it usually takes 4-8 weeks for the invitation letter to be issued by the Ministry of Education from, Russia. Also, the Visa will be issued by the Russian consulate in India on the basis of the invitation letter from the university. By now, you must have understood that the process will take somewhere around a month or more. Hence, it is recommended to apply for admission online as soon as possible in 2021.

Why Choose Crimea Federal University?

Trusted and Organized Institution:

Ever since its establishment, the university has done exceptionally well and taken several steps to elevate its quality in medical education and develop a world-class infrastructure to attract students worldwide. Today, there are 3200 students and 7000 staff, numerous research and training centers to facilitate students achieving their goals. Hence, it has emerged as a trusted and well-organized medical institution in Russia.

Direct Admission:

Unlike in India, Crime Federal University offers direct admission to the MBBS course for foreign students. In India to grab a seat in the government medical college one has to go through an intensely battled competitive exam. However, here you are getting an opportunity to reserve your seat on a first-come, first-serve basis. All you need to do is to apply online application right in the beginning to avoid the deadline.

Affordable Tuition Fees:

Crimea Federal University is a public institution. The purpose of the university is to render world-class education at considerably low Crimea Federal University Fees. It is quite favorable for Indian students who yearn to achieve an MBBS degree at a feasible cost.

No Compromise with Quality:

The major reason international students, including the influx of a large number of Indian students, choose to take admission to the MBBS course in CFU is its unparalleled quality of education and selfless dedication from faculty and staff to produce skilled doctors. This leads to colossal Crimea Federal University country ranking as well as world ranking.

Convenient Admission Process

The admission process at CFU is simple, easy, and transparent.  All you need to do is to apply on time because once the deadline is over, your only option remains is to wait for another academic year. Admission is offered on the basis of students’ previous academic percentage and grades and NEET scorecard.

Highly-Qualified Faculty

It is the quality of teachers, professors, and staff members that decide the quality of future doctors. Hence, CFU hardly leaves any stone unturned when the career of more than 32000 students is at stake. The university has a range of highly-experienced and eminent professors, academicians, physicians, and administrative staff. They all work in tandem to produce optimum results every year.

Recognized by WHO & NMC

The university is duly recognized and approved by WHO and NMC of India. It means that after completing MBBS from CFU you can work or pursue your continuous education in India and other major countries of the world after clearing a medical licensing exam of that particular country. The degree you acquire is also recognized by many renowned organizations and institutions of the world.

Global Standard

V.I. Vernadsky Crimea Federal University indulges in meeting high-level national and global standards in medical education. That is why Crimea University country ranking and world ranking both places at a sublime position. Over the years, it has also developed a large base for research and training centers for students that is a matter of pride for the republic of Crimea and the Russian Federation.

Some other highlights of CFU:

  • The university follows a strict norm to generate higher passing results.
  • Crimea Federal University hostels are procured to foreign students at an affordable cost.
  • It has gained a sublime national and international reputation in teaching research, academic service, and partnership.
  • It is one of the oldest universities that offer an English medium MBBS program
  • The percentage of students clearing the FMGE/NEXT exam is exceedingly high.
  • Indian students will get ample opportunity and exposure to get practical training in government hospitals in Russia.
  • Indian cuisine is available for students. You can simply enjoy the best Indian dishes and food.
  • The cost of living is affordable. An average cost of living will range around $80-120$.

Crimea Federal university fee structure is given below:

Fees Pattern(Per Year)1st year2nd year to 6th yearGrand Total
USD Dollars5500 USD4680 USD28900$
Total in INRRs 4,14, 000Rs 3,52,000Rs 21,75,000

Note: The cost is approx. as it may fluctuate with the current currency rate.

*fees include tuition, hostel, medical insurance, registration & visa extension. A student who wants to live in the hostel as per apartments (2 people in one room) needs to add 520$ additionally. 

*3-4% tuition fee can be increased from the 2nd-6th year as per university.

  • Duration of the Course is 6 years with internship

  • The university provides students with a valuable academic education.

  • In comparison to other foreign universities, is also low.

  • The student visa process for the Russia is hassle free

  • Approved by NMC and WHO